The Roxy Dance Studio

Warner Home Scholarship Information Sheet

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The Warner Home Scholarship is available on a need base.  These scholarship forms are filled out per child two times throughout the season/year. 

Please follow the below directions for the scholarship:

 Fill out the scholarship entirely.  Do not leave anything blank.  One scholarship per child do not put multiple names on them please.
Once it is filled out send it to the address on the bottom of the scholarship asap.
The quicker you send it the quicker you receive word back.
You will hear back from the committee anywhere from 2-3 weeks. 
Contact Roxie if you do not hear from anyone.
Once you receive your colored Scholarship Award Letter in the mail from the Warner Home stating you have been awarded a scholarship please bring that form into Roxie.  I need that form in hand do not lose it please!
Roxie only receives payment once she receives the paperwork from you and signs it and sends it back to the Warner Home. If you do not bring the paper in then you will owe said amount.
You will receive half of the scholarship between $100-200 per child on the first time you send the scholarship form in then you will reapply for the second half.
In January I will again give you another scholarship form and you can send it in and reapply to receive the second half. They pay scholarships in two installments to be sure you stick with your class or classes.  Attendance is key as well.  I have to send them monthly attendance