Studio  Class Schedule

Wednesday Classes 

Swanton Location

6:00-7:00pm  Adult Class


Dance Class Descriptions  

Lyttle Tykes (ages2-4)- 

Foster a love of movement in your child with this fun and energetic class.  Lessons consider student attention spans and keep them happily engaged while learning to translate music to movement.  Interaction is consistent and incorporates a high level of praise to promote a strong sense of accomplishment.  The focus is also on coordination and rhythm and creativity through movement.  The students will learn beginning dance skills.  

Intermediate-Advanced Dance Fusion (ages 10-16)-  This class contains a blend of several styles of hip hop skills, popular dance and jazz movements as well as contemporary and funk.  This class will encourage students to step outside of the box by bringing their own individuality, style, and personality to the movements.  We also mix things up a bit in these classes and throw a few more styles at the dancers such as old school, contemporary, jazz, lyrical, etc.  These dancers at this age and ability level should learn to be versatile dancers in many dance styles and genres.  

Competition Ruby, Emeralds, and Diamonds Class (ages ALL)  Beginner/Advanced/Competition Teen ) -  This class is a invited ONLY class.  You must be invited by Roxie to take part in this class.  It is a dance and competitive dance class. This class meets two times per week.  The dancers will compete in 1-3 competitions per dance season, but they are only 1-day competitions no overnight competitions will be done.  This keeps the cost down on competition.  There are fees per dance for the competitions.  The competitions will take place in one of these states: VT, Canada, NH, MA or NY locations.  Advanced dancers with high standards and strong dance training will be comfortable here in the competitive dance classes.  There will be days we need more practice such as when competitions draw near.  There will be dress rehearsals and extra practices at times when necessary.  Two costumes will be purchased for this class.  Jazz shoes and hip-hop dance sneakers are a requirement for this class.

  802 Elite  SOLO DANCE CLASSES (ages:  any age)-  These classes are either 30 minutes or 1 hour in length and meet one time a week at a schedule worked out with the instructor and the student.    

Beginner-Intermediate Dance Fusion / Tap and Jazz  (ages 5-12)-   These classes are meant as combination classes.  The dancers can learn tap, jazz, lyrical, ballet, Irish, African, Broadway, hip-hop, breakdance, funk, and more.  Each season the focus is different and combines genres of dance.  This class will develop your child's coordination as well as an understanding of dance concepts and terminology.  Students will learn to use dance as a creative means of self-expression.  Dance Fusion classes concentration is on vocabulary, alignment and proper execution of moves, and memorization and independence through sequential tasking.

          Tuesday Classes

                Swanton Location

      3:30-4:00  Solo Class (Aliza)

       4:00-4:30pm-  Lyttle Tykes

       4:30-5:15pm- Beginner

                                       Dance Fusion


        5:15-6:00- Intermediate

                                 Dance Fusion


          6:00-7:30-Competition Class

         7:30-9:00pm  Solo classes 

​       Thursday Classes

              Swanton Location

3:30-4:00  Solo Class (Jennifer)

4:00-4:30pm     Solo Class

                                  (Velardo Girls)

4:30-5:15pm     Advanced                       


5:15-6:00pm      Beginner  


6:00-6:45pm      Inter.  


7:00-7:30pm      Solo class (Katrina)