All regular classes are  $55.00 per month  meeting once per week.

All Competition Dance Classes are $70.00 per month meeting also meeting one time per week.

The studio does offer scholarships to aid families in need.  These scholarships are on the basis of need and cover classes only not costume money

Costume payments are as follows per student :

Competition Costumes  $185.00

Regular Class Costume $90.00

All dancers need to wear clothing they can move in.  The younger dancers ages 2-10 usually like to wear leotard and tights and dress pretty.  The older  dancers ages 10 and older like to wear shorts and a t-shirt, tights and shorts or  leggings.  The older dancers wear a mish match of sweatpants and t-shirts or tank tops and shorts.  Comfortable clothing is required.  If you are wearing clothing that you cannot move in you will not be allowed to dance.  If doing a tumble warm up you will need to be bare foot, hair tied back in ponytail out of face and a leotard.


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Whether you are looking for tights, shoes, leotards, class costumes etc.  Here are some ideas of where you can find it all.

Warner's in St. Albans offers many styles and sizes of dance shoes.   Walmart and Amazon  may have tap and jazz shoes, and class dance attire.  

online websites to try:


Dance attire

The Roxy Dance Studio was founded in 1996 by Roxanne Bissonnette-Skeels.  I had a dream at a very young age to become a dance instructor and business owner. After graduating from college I began to build clients and nail down a location to open my studio.  I first began teaching classes by traveling around to area facilities in Franklin,  Swanton, and St. Albans .   I figured it was easier for one person to travel to many, but as time has gone on I have established myself at my home studio in Swanton.

There are not many people in the workforce today that can say they love to go to work and enjoy their job, but I certainly can.  "I love my job every day of the week".   This is a full-service professional dance studio teaching over 15 dance styles as well as Zumba, and other fitness classes.  Roxie teaches every class herself.  Each year I have a teaching assistant or two that share my passion for dance and working with children. 

Every child is afforded the opportunity to learn and dance at the studio.  No one has ever turned away.  If your child has a learning disability or a disability of any kind we can work with you.  Over the years I have taught dance classes to students who were hearing impaired, in wheelchairs, have learning disabilities, and have physical disabilities.  Dance is a way of expression for all.



What shoes you need depends on the class you are in and what style of dancing you will be learning.

Ages 2-3

4-4:40pm class- ballet shoes in black or pink color

Ages 4-13

4:30-5:15pm class-  two kinds of shoes will be needed.  Jazz shoes (black slip on jazz shoes), and tap shoes (preferably the ones that velcro or buckle not tie).  

5:15-6:00pm class- black slip on jazz shoes and hipo hop dance sneakers

6:00-7:30pm class- black slip on jazz shoes and hip hop dance sneakers

Itty Bitty
Princess Party
wedding dances
competition teams
adult dance class
pop and lock

DANCE Like No one is           Watching........